About us

We are proud to introduce Antichi Decori, specialists in luxury decorating, painting and surface coating techniques which create unique aesthetic features that provide a truly original touch to your interior design.

We hope you will take a little time to read more about our extensive range of textures and effects which we obtain using only the finest materials and innovative techniques.

Our Jungle range explores beautiful natural patterns coupled with extraordinary tactile effects. Featuring a multitude of colours and textures inspired by the wildest of wildlife; the Jungle range is a safari for the senses.

Enjoy the elegance of the classics with our Deco range. Indulge your space with Venetian Plaster, Travertino Romano, Marmorino or another of our luxurious coating styles. This cultural collection captures the lavish surfaces of Venetian stucco, antique marble, rustic, flowered and many other sumptuous finishes.

For something extraordinary we have our Special Effects range; characterized by reflective luminescent's, 3D colours, metallic's, pearlescent shades, oxidizing and antiquing. Our cutting-edge coatings can even change appearance depending on the observer’s point of view or absorb light then glow magnificently at night.

We also offer bespoke Murals using an exclusive patented technique which produces a realistic fresco appearance. We’re able to match the best paints, glazes and protective's on the market and without the need for adhesives or wallpaper, application is clean, quick and odorless. The result is breathable, eco-friendly and visually stunning.

We are supplied and certified by VALPAINT, one of Italy’s leading innovators in the paint, coating and decorating market. Like our spectacular interiors, we are committed to keeping the planet beautiful; we apply the strictest of rules in respect to the environment. All of our products are water-based, washable, highly breathable and resistant to everyday knocks and abrasion.

At Antichi Decori we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. Thanks to our innovative planning software it’s possible to visualize, in real-time, how the project will look upon completion. We treat our clients with the professionalism they deserve and pour our love, passion and experience into every one of our breathtaking interior features.


If you would like to arrange a meeting, see our samples or discover more about our eye-catching work please don’t hesitate to contact us using the information provided below. We always look forward to hearing from you and would be happy to discuss any queries you have.